Wednesday, June 29, 2011


     One of the amazing things about human beings is our capacity for reflection or self-study. I find yoga is a powerful vehicle for furthering this, especially since self-study is a part of the Eight Limbs of Yoga. But this is not always an easy process, nor does it always feel like a simple one. In class alone, we experience so many things: thoughts, feelings, sensations, that well up and hopefully tumble out of us. But what happens once we walk outside the studio doors? Or when we step off our mats? Sometimes I let my gifts gained from the practice fall by the wayside; if we are too busy to stop and feel the feedback our own bodies are offering us, why are we practicing?

     What I have to offer to you here is simply an expression of my journey. I am a yoga teacher, an artist, and most importantly a human Being on a spiraling path with many bumps and ditches in the road. Perhaps my path looks similar to your road or maybe it is completely different; but where I am is not more or less advanced/enlightened than where you are. I hope to engage in dialogue so we might explore ourselves, the world and universe extending around us like tree branches. Why? Because it's amazing. WE are amazing, and if you're like me, you might be ready to dig a little deeper... and open.

     As the conversation grows, or if you are simply moved to share something, you can comment on the posts, or feel free to go to Veera Yoga's facebook page.

See you on the path!


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